Clark Farms is a fifth-generation Catskill Mountains dairy farm and creamery located in a picturesque valley on Elk Creek Road in Delhi, New York. The farm is proud to produce minimally processed dairy products sourced exclusively from their cows’ milk. Nestled in the heart of this scenic location, you will find the original farmhouse and barn, built over a century ago by the founder of Clark Farms, Peter Clark. These historic buildings continue to be utilized for farming activities, keeping alive the rich legacy of the Clark family for over five generations.

Embracing a legacy rooted in family values, education, environmental stewardship, and innovative agricultural practices, Clark Dairy Farms remains a shining example of exceptional dairy production and a profound passion for all aspects of dairy farming.

Clark Farms Dairy Products:

The Clark family takes great pride in their dairy products being made only from the milk of their own herd. They are committed to not outsourcing and are dedicated to utilizing the milk their cows supply. The family values their cows and the fresh, high-quality milk they provide. They believe that minimally processed foods are essential for their customers’ health, just like they value the health and happiness of their cows, and they are passionate about providing the freshest-tasting milk for their customers to enjoy.

Whole Milk
Skim Milk
Reduced Fat Milk
Chocolate Milk
Caffeinated Cold Brew
Half & Half
Heavy Cream
Unsalted Butter
Salted Butter