Organic Nectars offers a small, select quantity of only the very finest raw products that are truly healthy, environmentally friendly and, of course, delicious. From our line of raw, low glycemic agave sweeteners and dessert syrups to our amazing agave cashew crème gelato to our extra virgin olive oil, gojiberries and raw cacao products, Organic Nectars is dedicated to delivering the finest quality artisanal food products.

Organic Nectars are nutrition and culinary enthusiasts based in NYC and the Hudson Valley region, in the outskirts of Woodstock, NY. After decades of studying nutrition and a wide variety of world cuisines, we were introduced to the wonderful world of raw food, which incorporates raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with nothing heated above 118 degrees to preserve maximum nutritional value.

In the process we discovered a number of wonderfully delicious and healthy ingredients and agave food preparation processes. In addition to wanting to introduce the rest of the world to these ingredients, we also saw a need to help cut through the clutter of all the so-called healthy products and enable discerning palettes everywhere to easily find delicious healthy products.