Since 1991, Pretzelmaker has been rolling out fresh-baked and handcrafted pretzels – with a twist! The Pretzel Dog? Pretzel Bites? Both are Pretzelmaker claims to innovative fame!

At Pretzelmaker, we promise to serve you the absolute freshest ingredients. Our hot pretzels are made from scratch with whole ingredients, and you can see our team rolling pretzels in all of our stores all day, every day.

Our all-natural handcrafted lemonade, creamy blended drinks, ice cold beverages and signature pretzel products can be found in 280 locations in the U.S. and worldwide.

Selected Pretzel Products From The Pretzelmaker Menu:

  • SALTED PRETZEL – The original. Freshly baked with butter flavored topping and salt.
  • PARMESAN PRETZEL – Cheese please! Parmesan covering our signature fresh-baked pretzel.
  • GARLIC PRETZEL – Our fresh-baked pretzel gets coated in delicious garlic seasoning for a bold snack.
  • JALAPEÑO PRETZEL – Freshly baked pretzel with a little jalapeño bite. Available at select locations only.
  • ALMOND CRUNCH PRETZEL – Freshly baked pretzel covered with sweet roasted almonds. Available at select locations only.
  • EVERYTHING PRETZEL – The name says it all! Made with salt, poppy seeds, garlic and sesame seeds.
  • RANCH PRETZEL BITES – Taste a tangy favorite with just the right bite!
  • CINNAMON SUGAR PRETZEL BITES – Our fresh-baked Pretzel Bites are dusted with delicious cinnamon sugar.
  • BACON & MOZZARELLA STUFFED BITES – Our stuffed bites just got even more delicious. Made with crispy bacon and 100% Wisconsin mozzarella cheese!
  • MOZZARELLA STUFFED BITES – They are back and better than ever with 100% Wisconsin Mozzarella Cheese! Try a combo in 8pc or 16pc!
  • PRETZEL DOG – A Pretzelmaker original! Our signature pretzel dough wrapped around a plump 100% Angus Beef hot dog. Talk about top dog!
  • JALAPEÑO PRETZEL DOG – Our original Pretzel Dog kicked up with spicy jalapeños. Available at select locations only.
  • MINI PRETZEL DOGS – Because it’s not the size of the dog that counts! Our famous Pretzel Dog in bite size form. Made with 100% Angus Beef. Available in 8 & 16 pieces.