Vasilow’s Confectionery specializes in fresh, small batches of chocolates, nuts, and confections made with the finest natural ingredients and chocolate available. In fact, it’s the same chocolate brothers Louie and Jim used in 1923, when they opened their store and made available to the residents of upstate New York some of the finest candies ever created.

The Vasilow’s Confectionery proprietary recipes, many of which are from the original Vasilow Bros. book of formulations, combined with contemporary creations such as their signature truffles, have enabled them to preserve the art of “homemade” candy making, creating a taste-pleasing blend of old and new.

Vasilow’s Confectionery Product Selections

Bavarian Glazed Almonds
Almond Butter Crunch
Cherry Nibs Licorice
Chocolate Cordial Cherries
Chocolate Covered Twizzlers
Cranberry Almond Bark
Kookabura Black Licorice
Legendary Cinnamon Squares
Sampler Assortment
Peanut Brittle
Our Own Fudge
Truffle Assortment
Scottie Dogs
Solid Chocolate Breakup
Strawberry Licorice Wheels