Wayside Cider is a collaboration between Alex Wilson and Irene Hussey. From hand picking apples through to bottling our final product, we handle every stage of the process, including, of course, sharing a glass of our cider with friends. While our methods might take longer, so do all the best things in life. Our blend of wild, heirloom, and dessert apples merges past and present to create a uniquely Delaware County cider.

Bucking the current cider trend of looking to Europe for inspiration and apple cultivars, we are focused on making modern American ciders that draw on the history and topography of the place where we live. We pick and graft the wild and abandoned trees with the aim of preserving the past while embracing modern production methods to produce a cider unique to this region.

Cider products from Wayside Cider:

    The Catskill is our flagship cider. The natural bite from the wild apples is mellowed through partial aging in oak bourbon barrels from a local micro-distillery, resulting in a distinctively Delaware County cider. The hint of oaky bourbon that the barrels instill is subtle, but gives this cider a nice complexity.
    This cider draws its name from the unique blend of locally harvested wild apples and dessert apples from the Hudson Valley. It is the least dry cider we make, with a sharp acidity that holds up well to this additional sweetness. It has an aromatic, slightly spicy character, with a clean finish.
    Unlike our other ciders, the Skinny Dip was the product of a single pressing. It is made primarily from Jonagold, Cortland, and Gala apples. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it could stand on its own. The addition of a small amount of locally sourced quince brings up the tannin levels to give the cider a mild bite.