Kettleborough Cider House crafts small-batch hard cider made from 100% hand-selected Hudson Valley apples.

100% of the apples used to make Kettleborough Hard Cider come from trees on Dressel Farms. In addition to more than 20 varieties of your typical “dessert” apples (varieties like Red Delicious, McIntosh and Honeycrisp), Kettleborough has planted 22 varieties of apples specifically for use in hard cider:

With the rising popularity of our Founding Fathers’ favorite drink, many producers have begun seeking out the bittersweet and bittersharp apples that once made it so desirable.

Kettleborough Cider House is one of the proud few cideries in the region that has planted and harvested these ancient apples. With seventeen European varieties (such as Somerset Red Streak) and five heirloom American varieties (like Esopus Spitzenburg), we are on the leading edge of bringing back the unique, complex, and downright delicious beverage our ancestors knew and loved.

Kettleborough Cider House Ciders:

SILVER MEDAL WINNER- 2013 Hudson Valley Wine Competition Cider Category
Our flagship cider. Dry Cider is a departure from sweeter “run-of-the-mill” hard ciders that have always dominated the market. Our Dry Cider is made from a blend of Northern Spy and Granny Smith apples to create a light acidity and fresh green apple flavor. Think “Dry Apple Prosecco.” It pairs well with many foods, especially white meats, cheeses, fruits and especially any spice-forward dishes.

Apple Mimosa: A crowd favorite! Mix equal parts Kettleborough Dry Cider and Dressel Farms sweet apple cider in a glass. Adjust ratio to taste. Serve immediately.

“Honey Honey” is a semi-dry cider made from a hand-sorted blend of apples and sweetened with 100% Honeycrisp juice infused with Pure New York State Honey. The light sweetness is properly balanced with a touch of acidity to keep the cider crisp, light and refreshing.