At New Paltz Brewing Company, we pride ourselves in trying to bring a handcrafted lager taste here in New York. Many of our styles are the ones that have been enjoyed hundreds of years ago. Some of our recipes are modern with US and New York State ingredients, some of the recipes have ingredients such as rye and oats, considered “outlawed” to German Purity Laws (Reinheitsgebot), but each beer style can tell a story in history and to us it is fascinating to have an opportunity to revitalize lost styles for passionate beer lovers to again experience.

Beers from New Paltz Brewing Company:

“Cellar Beer” is a unique type of European beer which is not clarified or pasteurized and rarely found these days at all. The pronounced style originates from Franconia (a region of Southern Germany) dating as early as the Middle Ages. Our hand-crafted Kellerbier is bottom-fermented, traditionally prepared with only pure ingredients and lagered. The fresh direct mountain New York water maintains a perfect amount of minerals to compliment the sweetness of the premium grains and the bitterness from the noble hops.

(Smoked Beer) It’s the most distinctive beer we make. A mild smokiness taste using barley dried over an open flame. This method of kilning is known from as far back as the first century BC, and we try to bring this taste to you today (made in the Mountains of New York State, of course). This smoke beer adds a curiosity. It is a beer that balances the right blend of smoked malt, to sweet malt, to hops and water. Together with the specifically chosen yeast strain we pride ourselves to deliver this premier taste. The beer takes a six month special process to properly mellow the smoke and lager.

(Rye Beer) –a very bold, sessionable, unfiltered, specialty ale that stands out among other beer styles. Rye grain, which is bravely grown in harsher colder climates, poises a distinctive taste to the malt world. Our Roggenbier is well balanced with premium rye, noble hops and Hefeweizen style yeast. Together, the taste of a light, dry, fruity, spicy character surfaces. Historically, scarce harvests initiated rye grains out from beer production during the medieval period. Time and technology has since developed. This beer is a solid example of the premier style enjoyed during those times and we are proud to be part of revitalizing the recognition the beer deserves.

A traditionally prepared top fermented, ufiltered, amber wheat ale. A world class style that originated as an important part of brewing traditions in Bavaria Germany, and now an important of our tradition here in New York. Our beer brings out the pronounced tastes of clove and banana. To accentuate the bouquet it is best served in a tall, slender glass with plenty of room for the tall head.