T Salon is committed to delivering fine blended organic sustainable teas to individuals who would like to enjoy a healthy and delicious experience.

Their hope is to create a legion of conscious and aware tea drinkers and inspire people through the enjoyment of a good cup of tea and t6o share the healing power of tea.

Select T Salon Tea Products

Tea Bags
Organic Queen of Earl – Black Tea
Balance – Herbal Blend
Before and After Yoga – Wellness Tea
Organic Black Angora – Black Tea
Chelsea Chai – Black Tea
Organic Green Coconut – Green Tea
Healing Heaven – Wellness Tea
Lose It! – Wellness Tea
Organic Red Zest – Red Tea
Sultan – Red Tea
Organic White Tea with Ginger and Pomegranate – White Tea

Loose Leaf Teas
Assam Mangalam STGFOP1
Ceylon Pettiagalla
Safari Blend