The Tea Shop of Woodstock features a large selection of Harney & Sons tea, as well as our own selections… no doubt that you will find your perfect cup of tea.. or try something new and exotic…

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A Sampling From The Tea Shop of Woodstock:

White Peach
Chinese Mutan White leaves delicately infused with sun kissed peach essence. Simply delightful hot or iced!

White Vanilla Grapefruit
Mutan white leaves delicately flavored with vanilla and a citrusy grapefruit notes.

Dragon Pearl Jasmine
These little gems have been carefully handled to receive the scent of just the right perfume of jasmine..some eighteen hours of guardianship before the last blossoms have been fanned away.. then the long green and white leaves are rolled by hand into exquisite pearls that unfurl in the cup to express the delicacy of both the blossom and the leaves.. twice .. if you brew them attentively.

Genmai, meaning brown rice, and Cha meaning tea. it’s the (toasted) brown rice tea.There are two stories – one: it was an accident when someone spilled the tea in the rice wok. The other is more deliberate – for the poor, to make the tea go further, they augmented it with toasted rice. Either way the resulting brew brings together two staffs of life: tea and rice.

Organic Green with Lemon and Ginger
A crisp brew, the lemon comes from lemon myrtle which is a softer lemon taste..

Organic Sencha
Certified organic Japanese Sencha from Watsuka Valley. Produces light, clear green liquor with the aroma of lightly steamed vegetables like spinach. Brew at 160 degrees F for 1-2 minutes.

Organic Da Hong Pao Great Red Robe
The legend behind this Oolong tells of Minister of the Chinese court who fell ill on his travels and was taken in by the monks of a monastery where the monks brewed a tea from their garden for him. He regained his health and, upon leaving, bestowed the Monastery with his seal of excellence by flinging his Great Red Robe on the gates as a sign to other travelers. This particular Oolong is reputed to relieve headaches, possibly due to the minerals in the rocks that feed these tea bushes. It is a regal brew with walnut notes imparted by minerals of rocky Wuyi Mountains in China.

Ti Quan Yin Spring Floral
Ti Quan Yin oolongs are some of the most famous Chinese teas that come from the Fujian Province. The slow and complex oxidation process allows this tea to produce a very satisfying flavors of toasted almonds, butter, and honey. The rolled leaves might be brewed several times.

English Breakfast
A good basic starter to the day. A base of Keemun leaf enhanced with a touch of Assam with just a hint of smoke in the cup. Takes milk and sugar well.

Organic Rooibos
Organic Rooibos. South African Red Bush, naturally caffeine free. Naturally high in health promoting antioxidants, which include aspalathin and quercetin.

A Ceylon black tea enhanced with gorgeous chunks of apricot and apricot essence.

Chocolate Rose Puerh
Thanks to a customer’s request, we’ve created this blend to enhance the very popular Chocolate Puerh. A little hint of rose .. nothing too strong..

The Tea Shop Of Woodstock also offers a selection of lovely tea making accessoriess.