The DOG DEN uses only Sabrett All-Beef, certified gluten free Hotdogs in a natural casing, our Buns are Martins Potato long rolls, and our fresh toppings, crew and wild combinations are all about… SOME FUN ON A BUN!!!!!

All of our hotdogs can be either boiled, flattop grilled or deep fried…….and on a toasted bun! Stop by and sample over 50 different hot dog culinary works of art!

We are located behind the White Plains Metro North Station in the former bus depot.

Selections From The Dog Den Menu:

  • the Fickle Pickle – a bacon wrapped all beef hotdog with diced FRIED PICKLES, ranch dressing and chipotle mayo and a drizzle of scallions
  • CUBAN FLAIR hotdog! = Ham, swiss cheese, pickle slices, brown mustard pressed together with a juicy hotdog.
  • The WEIRD AL – is a bacon wrapped hotdog topped with nacho cheese, CURLY FRIES, fresh scallions and more bacon bits
  • MAN’S BEST FRIEND dog = A bacon wrapped all-beef hotdog topped with french fries, shredded cheese, chipotle mayo, MORE bacon bits, and jalapeno.
  • Hot Mess – bacon wrapped sabrett HOT sausage, fully emerged and marinated in HOT sauce, then topped with pepperjack cheese, chili, “Andy Capp HOT fries”, HOT cherry peppers, jalapeno and crushed red pepper flakes
  • Mr. Potato Head – A bacon wrapped all-beef hotdog topped with a creamy potato salad, cut red onions, fresh scallions and more bacon bits
  • Memphis blues brothers dog – chili sauce, cole slaw, BBQ CHIPS , chopped onions, and BBQ sauce
  • ICY-HOT – all-beef hotdog, topped with shredded lettuce, bacon, crushed COOL ranch doritos and SPICY ranch dressing
  • A Guac Star – Guacamole, sour cream, red onions, chopped tomato and fresh cilantro
  • the Chef BOYAR-dog – a grilled and split sabrett hotdog with small shells and meatball chef boyardee pasta… with finely grated mozzarella cheese
  • The GRAND SLAM – an all beef sabrett hotdog with bacon strips, french fries, shredded cheese, chopped onions and BBQ sauce) with a side of fried pickle chips and ranch dressing