Hanford Mills Museum

By Thomas L. Hayward, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Hanford Mills Museum features an authentic water- and steam-powered Sawmill with a 1926 Fitz Overshot Waterwheel, restored 19th century water turbine, steam power plant, and vintage woodworking machines. In addition to the Sawmill, the Hanford Mills Museum 70-acre site features 15 other historic structures including the John Hanford Farmhouse, a Hardware Store, Feed Mill, and Woodworking Shop.

Hanford Mills Museum maintains a remarkable collection of over 50,000 objects housed in twelve of the sixteen buildings that comprise the site. An extensive photograph collection, library, and archive are also housed at the Museum.

The Museum has picnic tables to enjoy a picnic by the Millpond, and a gift shop with Mill-made items, traditional toys, local products and books.