Karmabee in Kingston NY brings joy to children and adults through unique drawings, and builds a sustainable small business that promotes localism, creativity and quality, provides friendly and thoughtful service, and cares for the community and planet.

Karen Berelowitz prints her creative and artistic designs on baby clothes and notecards. Karmabee kids unisex tees are 100% cotton made in the USA by American Apparel with silkscreened designs in black, and they are fully machine-washable. Karmabee also designs notecards for occasions or to express your feelings that come with envelopes in sets of 10 or in custom sets made from any designs in the shop.

“I’ve always doodled. In school my notes were buried between expanding margins of faces & shapes, and throughout 12 years of International Development work in Washington DC, my notepads were covered with spirals & eyeballs.

In 2007 I went to work at a holistic institute in the Hudson Valley NY, and found that when my brain was distracted by wacky esoteric discussions, my drawings got more inspired. A friend gave me a set of make-your-own postcards, and when many people commented on them, I ventured into a local arts fair, and began printing my designs on notecards and baby clothes.” Karen Berelowitz