Wappinger United Soccer Club, Inc., a member of the East Hudson Youth Soccer League, US Club Soccer, and SAY Soccer, is a not for profit organization with an enrollment of 600 players. Our purpose is to promote and foster youth soccer in our community.

This is accomplished by “providing youth an opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer, and in so doing also learn the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, cooperation, teamwork and respect for authority.” (Wappinger United Soccer Club By-Laws) Our INTRAMURAL PROGRAM allows players to learn about and to participate in the game of soccer.

The soccer complex consists of small, medium, modified and full sized fields to support the widely accepted practice of starting younger players in small sided games. These small sided games encourage children to participate by “touching” the ball more often. As they get older, they will progress to larger fields and bigger teams until they are playing full field, regulation games.

The Wappinger United Soccer Club intramural program also includes a very successful Girls’ program with teams beginning with the Under 7/8 girls’ age group. It is the Club’s policy that all children participating in intramurals will play at least one half of each game Most players will receive a uniform package consisting of a jersey, shorts and matching socks. You must purchase a pair of shin guards and a sturdy pair of soccer cleats or sneakers. It is highly recommended that each child have a soccer ball to bring to practice and for use at home.

There are usually eight to ten games (weather permitting) in each of the fall and spring seasons. The first game of the fall season will be on the Saturday after Labor Day. Practices are usually held once per week and will probably start during the last week of August.