Teatown Lake Reservation is a nonprofit, environmental organization with an 1,000 acre nature preserve and education center located in the Lower Hudson Valley.

Teatown Lake Reservation teaches ecology and encourages responsible interaction with nature. The goal of our educational programs is to instill a love of the environment, positive attitudes toward conservation and environmental protection and a sense of personal and civic responsibility. We have programs for school groups, scouts, children, teens, families and adults.

Teatown promotes a sustainable future by providing the region with leadership, information and education in environmental conservation. Teatown works with civic leaders, scientists and the public to facilitate awareness of local environmental issues and to develop practical solutions.

At Teatown Lake Reservation, we believe that at the core of environmental protection is ecological literacy, including an understanding of the essential necessity of protecting nature and how we as individuals can participate in creating a healthy, sustainable community. Teatown’s educational programs are designed to empower students through knowledge. Our educators help foster young people’s innate curiosity and enthusiasm about flora and fauna, provide them with opportunities to explore their environment and engage them in direct discovery of the world around them.