John Fazio Farm Market and BBQ is located in Modena, NY, in the heart of the Hudson Valley. The farm’s inhabitants are rabbits, ducks, and cornish cross (a cross between a cornish hen and a chicken). They are raised with care making sure that the animals are never fed any hormones or antibiotics and are comfortable. A farm market and BBQ eatery round out the John Fazio Farms and BBQ list.

John Fazio Farm Market and BBQ offers a wide range of farm fresh products from their own farm, including whole chicken, chicken cutlets, chicken cutlets, brown eggs (Extra Large) – free range and turkey eggs in season. But it doesn’t even begin to end with chicken, also available are duck, rabbit, assorted pork cuts, lamb, whole and cuts of goat, various cuts of beef, and whole suckling and large pigs. John Fazio Farms meats and poultry are hormone and antibiotic free and never frozen. Many of these products can be purchased at their farm market or directly from the farm.

JJohn Fazio Farm Market and BBQ recently opened their BBQ stand adjacent to their Farm Market. In this small but savory smelling area, John creates BBQ dishes that “I know I’m good at making.” The farm is utilized as a local source for the meats served and all processes from the slow brining and smoking of meats to the creation of their savory dressings are done on location.

Some selections from the John Fazio Farms and BBQ Menu:

  • Pastrami Sandwich – Hand cut 21 day brined, 18 hour slow smoked and piled high.
  • Tacos – Your choice of pulled pork, duck, rabbit or pastrami topped with their signature sauce and arugula.
  • Pulled Pork – Slow cooked pulled pork sandwich on ciabatta bread.
  • Smoked Ribs – Slow cooked ribs served naked and seasoned with our house blend of spices.
  • Duck – Whole or half slow cooked duck served with two large sides.
  • Chicken – Whole or half slow cooked smoked chicken served with two sides.