Athos Restaurant is the Capital District’s only restaurant, devoted to serving Classic Greek Cuisine. Whether you relax in the Taverna Bar, enjoy the comfort of the main dinning room, or the privacy of the Ithaka dining room. At Athos, you will experience exceptional Greek Cuisine and the warmth of Greek hospitality.

Greek cuisine is extremely diverse in its ingredients, seasonings and flavors. The mixture of Turkish, Balkan, and Venetian influences all come together in Greek cuisine. At Athos Restaurant, they have created a menu featuring classic Greek dishes. Athos Restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes.


Selections from the Athos Restaurant Menu:

  • DOLMATHAKIA – hand-rolled grape leaves stuffed with herb-seasoned rice
  • FRESH PATZARIA – house-roasted sliced beets accompanied by our skordalia spread
  • OCTAPOTHI SCHARAS – grilled marinated octopus accompanied by pickled vegetables
  • PAPOUTSAKI KOLOKITHI – baked stuffed squash with assorted roasted vegetables and fresh herbs
  • KREATOPITA – phylo-wrapped seasoned ground beef with roasted red peppers and cheese
  • MOUSSAKA – baked layers of roasted eggplant, ground beef, and sliced potatoes topped with béchamel sauce, accompanied by lemon potato and vegetable of the day
  • CHICKEN SAGANAKI – baked marinated chicken breast topped with sliced fresh tomato and melted kasseri cheese, accompanied by pilaf, lemon potato, and vegetable of the day
  • SHRIMP GREKOLIMANO – jumbo shrimp, tomato sauce, feta cheese, and ouzo, slowly simmered in a traditional earthenware pot, accompanied by pilaf, lemon potato, and vegetable
  • SEAFOOD SOUVLAKI – skewered jumbo shrimp, diver scallops, red onion, and bell peppers, finished with lemon-herb extra-virgin olive oil
  • VEGETARIAN PIATELA – choose any three of our vegetarian hot appetizer menu items
  • BAKLAVA – layered walnuts and almonds within honey-glazed phyllo pastry
  • GALAKTOBOURIKO – custard-filled honey-glazed phyllo pastry, drizzled with honey