Burger Box offers fresh and creative twists on the classic burger and fries with a goal of doing common things uncommonly well.

“We believe crafting the perfect burger is an art. Stacked between a toasted brioche bun, we build all of our burgers using quality ingredients, starting with our beef – 100% grass-fed from Kilcoyne Farms, family owned in Hudson Falls, NY. We proudly curate our menu utilizing local produce & dairy as often as possible and all of our sauces / toppings are made in house.”

In addition to beef, all burgers can also be ordered as an Impossible plant burger, chipotle black bean veggie burger or with chicken.

Beer and wine is sourced exclusively from breweries and wineries within the Hudson Valley and New York State.

Selections From The Burger Box Menu:

  • BLISTERED SHISHITOS: shishito peppers – sea salt – cracked pepper – lemon – garlic aioli
  • TACO SALAD: romaine – crispy tortilla strips – black bean – tomato – onion – shredded cheddar – jalapeno – radish – house made ranch
  • CAULIFLOWER SLIDERS: beer battered cauliflower – thai chili bbq – jalapeño slaw – garlic aioli
  • HOT HONEY SAGE FRIES: honey – crushed red pepper – sage
  • PARM HERB FRIES: parmesan – rosemary – thyme – garlic aioli
  • THE GARLIC ROSEMARY Burger: rosemary onion jam – garlic aioli – tomato – arugula
  • THE HORSERADISH BURGER: swiss – pan fried mushrooms with herbs – pickled shallot – horseradish crema – arugula
  • THE MAC AND CHEESE BURGER: cheddar – Mac and cheese – sriracha aioli – grilled onion – hot cherry pepper
  • THE CONCA D’ORO BURGER: pepperoni pizza bun – mozzarella – basil aioli – arugula

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