Falafel Taco, Mexican & Israeli fusion restaurant is the brainchild of a Jewish Chef and a Lovely Mexican Lady who combined the best of two cultures into one kitchen.

It was the blending of our families that brought this combination as a Chef, flavors, Aromas, Textures and Exotic ingredients inspire me.

When my daughter Astrid came to me one day and said she was a Vegan I struggled to cook for the family. Eventually, I started making my own falafels with fresh bread, and homemade tahini, Latkes with fresh Guacamole, Mexican Matzo Ball Soup. “It was a hit!” The fusion of Mexican and Israeli was born.

Then came the search for a name. Rosie’s daughter Andrea came up with Falafel Taco and its moniker, MexRaeli Cuisine. We would like you to be part of our History, hoping you enjoy it as much as we do!! Buen Apetito! Be’te-avon! Good appetite!


Selections From The Falafel Taco Menu:

  • Mexican Matzo Ball Tortilla Soup
  • Traditional Hummus – extra virgin oil, zatar, garbanzos and pita chips.
  • Chunky Avocado Hummus – avocado, Zhoug sauce, onions, cilantro, zitar and pita chips
  • Mexraeli Yucca – fried yucca with Zhoug mayo
  • Mexican Latkes – shredded potatoes, corn & garlic, topped with avocado hummus, onions and cilantro
  • Chicken Schnitzel Taco – thin fried chicken cutlet, french fries, Israeli salad, hummus & tahini sauce
  • Mexighanoush Taco – black bean falafel, eggplant babaghanoush, pico de gallo & chipotle mayo
  • Telaviv Taco – fried fillet fish, shredded cabbage, Mexican brown rice, black bean hummus & chipotle Mayo
  • Quesadillas On Flour Tortilla – shredded monterey jack cheese, serrano peppers, cilantro, pico de gallo, choice of grilled chicken, turkey schawarma, beef brisket, veggie steak, salmon or shrimp
  • Shredded Braised Leg of Lamb – rice, bean, pickled mango, cabbage, serrano salsa
  • Burgers – Lamb, turkey zucchini, chicken schawarma or chipotle beef, on pita, kale, chipotle tahini, avocado hummus
  • Vegan Bowl – zatar and tumeric cauliflower, roasted brussels sprouts, zucchini, Mexican brown rice, black beans, chipotle tahini