Flames Steakhouse has been lauded by local and national critics as the benchmark for American Cuisine.

This graceful, timeless, classic American Restaurant defines the steakhouse genre, with its adherence to only purchasing the finest products available at the daily markets. Hand selected prime beef, veal and lamb, hard shelled lobsters from 2 – 10 pounds, colossal lump crabmeat and fish are delivered daily to the restaurant.

Additionally, Flames offers a number of Northern Italian specialties including hand made pastas. The simplicity of impeccable quality and attention to detail is what separates Flames from the multitude of cookie cutter steakhouses. Flames Steakhouse offers an elegant, sleek, updated design coupled with a respect for the classic dishes that have earned Flames national recognition. Meticulous attention to details and a reverence for gracious, hospitable service are the hallmarks of Flames Steakhouse.