Badageoni is Westchester’s first full-service Georgian Restaurant. We serve authentic Georgian Cuisine with an innovative approach to centuries-old recipes.

Eating, toasts and the supra accurately express the Georgian traditions and social cultures that bind friends and families to cherish past and present moments. Fall in love with Georgian flavors complemented with our wines and hospitable service here at Badageoni.

Selections From The Badageoni Georgian Kitchen Menu:

  • KHARCHO SOUP – Beef cooked in tomato & rice
  • GEORGIAN SALAD – Cucumbers & tomatoes in traditional walnut pate (gf)(v)(vg)
  • CHAKAPULI – Lamb stew with tarragon, scallions & sour plums slow cooked in white wine (gf)
  • SHKMERULI – Fried cornish hen in garlic cream sauce (gf)
  • MTSVADI – Charcoal grilled meat skewers served with home fries and tkemali with chicken, pork or lamb
  • LOBIO – Red kidney beans cooked with georgian spices served with pickles and cornbread (gf)(v)(vg)
  • LOBIANI – Round bread with mashed beans and spices (vg)
  • KHINKALI – Freshly made georgian dumplings, beef & pork, lamb or cheese.
  • POTATO KHINKALI – Potato dumplings in cream sauce topped off with fried onions (vg)

View the complete Badageoni Georgian Kitchen Menu.