Pika’s Farm Table is a source for homemade healthy and delicious foods made with farm fresh ingredients. All the food shopping and cooking is taken care of for you. They use only farms and suppliers they know and every recipe has been tested to meet a high standard of quality.

Every batch has been tasted by them personally to ensure deliciousness. Besides online shopping, they also offer Pick Up at the Kitchen (M – F 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, please call ahead before pick up). Pick Up at the Farmer’s Market Standard UPS shipping on Wednesdays to your door.

Pika’s Farm Table Products

Belgian Sugar Waffles
Our Belgian Sugar Waffles are the authentic Liège Waffles. The Liège waffle is a dense, crunchy waffle, made with yeast dough (instead of a batter) and sweetened with real pearl sugar, imported from Belgium.

Quiches & Tarts
Quiches are perfect any time of the day – they are delicious artisanal culminations of everything a farm has to offer. We offer a collection of quiches and vegetable tarts with “out of the box” flavors – made with real and farm fresh ingredients. Just like our mothers and grandmothers before us, we never use trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, color enhancers, additives or preservatives. We use real butter – farm fresh eggs – and farmstead cheeses.

Our condiments and spreads are healthy and full of flavor – they will enhance any charcuterie or cheese board –
the possibilities are truly endless – but they are equally great on pasta, chicken, fish or egg. Most of them are olive oil based – their shelf life refrigerated is 3 weeks. Our offering changes with the Seasons and the availability of herbs and fruits.

Rustic Pot Pies
Our Potpies are inspired by the Bouchee a la reine – a classic in French gastronomy – and our crust has been proclaimed to be “the best there is”!
Choose from Chicken – All Vegetable – or Lobster – or take all three of them, their individual size makes them easy and special.

Seasonal Soups
Our soups are delicious go-to meals to enjoy any time of the year (*) and our selection changes with the Seasons. Fresh vegetables arrive in the morning in our kitchen and, by the afternoon, are transformed into delicious soul warming meals.

Our (gluten free) Risotto Cakes and Mini Quiches are the perfect appetizers or side dishes. They require minimal preparation – just some warming up or baking off. Not messy at all – and absolutely easy – even for the shyest of home cooks! They are delicious all by themselves and need no extra topping or dipping sauce.

Warm Oven Dishes
Discover our menu of comforting Oven dishes – all natural – all vegetarian- and most are gluten free. Made in the tradition of our grandmother’s way of cooking, our meals are of a gourmet quality and make mealtime easy and cozy! Enjoy a delicious chef’s meal