If you’re a classic American hot dog fan, you may want to try the famous hot dogs from Famous Lunch in Troy, NY. These legendary hot dogs have been a favorite of locals and visitors alike since 1932. The hot dogs are three inches long and come dressed with mustard, onions, and Famous Zippy sauce, a spicy and garlicky sauce that adds an extra kick to the already delicious hot dogs.

The secret to the Famous Lunch hot dogs is in their production. They are made right in Troy by Fritz Helmbold, which has operated since 1913. The Troy Pork Store, founded by German immigrant Charlie Comertz in 1918, supplied the original hot dogs. The store was located on the corner of 4th and Ferry Streets, and it supplied the Famous with its tasty little dogs for more than 70 years.

Today, Famous Lunch still sends its hot dogs via FedEx to states throughout the USA and around the world. The hot dogs are packaged carefully to ensure they reach their destination in perfect condition so you can enjoy a taste of Troy no matter where you are.

So, if you’re craving a classic American hot dog with a spicy twist, try the Famous Lunch hot dogs.