Cinnamon Indian Restaurant brings the flavors of India’s many regions to the Hudson Valley so customers can explore the traditional dishes of the Indian culture.

Cinnamon also offers inventive cocktails and modern plates that combine the authentic flavors, aromas and spices of India with contemporary American ingredients. Their menu relies on high-quality meats, dairy and produce, mostly sourced from local farms.

The restaurant offers an international wine list, extensive collection of artisan beers from New York State craft breweries, and house cocktails inspired by flavors of the Indian Sub-Continent.

Cinnamon is located in the center of the Village of Rhinebeck and features a comfortable dining room with a large communal table, plenty of intimate seating, and the spice room—a second floor cocktail den serving small plates.


Selections From The Cinnamon Indian Restaurant Menu:

  • Vegan V = Vegan, AV = Can be adjusted to vegan. Spiciness number = Describes how spicy each dish is traditionally prepared. Gluten-Free GF
  • VEGETABLE SAMOSA V – South Indian Style (8) indian pastry stuffed with vegetables
  • BOTI KEBAB GF – Specialty of Andra Region (11) chunks of lamb marinated in ginger and garlic for 24 hours and grilled in our tandoor oven
  • TANDOORI PLATTER GF – Northern India (12) assorted chicken and homemade lamb sausage grilled in our tandoor oven
  • MULLIGATAWNY SOUP GF – British Influence (6) pureed vegetables & lentils drizzled with yogurt
  • CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA GF – British Influence (19) tandoori grilled boneless chicken in a tomato cream sauce with mild spices
  • MURGH SHAHI KORMA GF – North India (18) tandoori grilled boneless chicken braised in a light sauce of ground cashews, almonds and spices
  • RAJASTHAN MURGHI GF – Rajastani (19) boneless chicken in a sauce of tomatoes, ginger, garlic and garam masala with dried red chilies
  • TANDOORI CHICKEN GF – Classic Indian (20) tandoori grilled chicken on the bone, served dry in a 24-hour marinade of yogurt with ajwain and fenugreek leaves, with grilled vegetables (local, pasture-raised)
  • GOAN FISH CURRY GF – Goan Specialty (21) cubed halibut in a sauce of coconut milk, tamarind, sesame seeds, green chilies and Indian spices
  • MACHILI TANDOOR GF – House Specialty (27) tandoori grilled sea bass filet served dry with indian spices and grilled vegetables
  • SALI BOTI GF – Parsi Specialty (19) cubed lamb with apricots, tomatoes and garam masala
  • LAMB PHAAL GF – British Influence (19) spicy cubed lamb in a sauce of garam masala and turmeric with tomato, onions and red chilies
  • LAMB BIRYANI GF – Specialty of Bombay Region (18) saffron basmati rice, scented with rosewater, cardamon, star anise, and cinnamon, folded together with curried lamb
  • BIND I MAS ALA JV – Specialty of Punjab (15) fresh okra in a dry sauce of ginger, turmeric, mango powder, dried red chilis, fenugreek leaves with sweet red peppers, and onions
  • SAAG PANEER AV GF – Specialty of Punjab (15) chopped spinach simmered in a creamy sauce of ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin with cubed homemade cheese
  • NAVA RATH NA KOR MA GF – Specialty of Kashmir (15) vegetables and homemade paneer simmered in a mild creamy sauce of ground cashews and almonds with turmeric and dried fenugreek leaves
  • MASALA DOSA V GF – South Indian Specialty (14) traditional crepe filled with spicy potatoes, moong dal, cashews, mustard seeds and fresh curry leaves