Itsa Pizza Truck is all about farm-to-table small batch deliciousness. Our offerings change seasonally based on what’s available from local Hudson Valley farms.

Our wood-fired pizza oven is a happy marriage between a 1984 military trailer (that used to carry ammunition and artillery supplies) and a custom built masonry oven, welded together by our Hudson Valley team of one masterful metal smith and an impassioned baker.

It took about a year to go from sketches to finished product. Our oven is towed by our ’96 Dodge veggie-oil-powered pick-up truck. It’s been down to Florida, across to Austin, Texas, and is now happily settled in upstate NY, catering private events and weddings throughout NYC, the Hudson Valley and Westchester.


Selections From The Itsa Pizza Truck Menu:

  • MARGHERITA – mozz, house red sauce, basil
  • WHITE PIE – citrus massaged kale, grana padano
  • ARUGULA – balsamic reduction, mozz, house red sauce
  • HV SPICY CHICKEN SAUSAGE – pecorino, mozz, house red sauce
  • CHIMICHURRI – cilantro parsley lime pesto, mozz
  • FUNGHI – oyster, cremini, shitake, truffle oil, mozz
  • HERBAL – basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, smoked salt, chevre, mozz
  • PICKLED JALAPENO – pickled red onions, pecorino, mozz, house red sauce
  • FARMER’S PIE – roasted japanese sweet potatoes, bok choy, raw cow’s milk farmer’s cheese, toasted sesame oil
  • OLIVE ROSEMARY – kalamata olives, feta, mozz
  • BEE STING – soppressata, spicy honey, mozz, house red sauce
  • BLACK BEAN – guacamole, cilantro, raw cow’s milk farmer’s cheese
  • MEXICAN STREET CORN – roasted corn, spicy mayo, lime juice, cilantro, mozz
  • ROASTED HV VEG – chef’s choice of seasonal local veggies and cheeses
  • HV CHICKEN SAUSAGE – sauerkraut, chèvre
  • ARUGULA + FIG – ricotta, arugula + aged balsamic