Award winning beer brewed in the Hudson Valley. Keegan Ales brews Old Capital beer, Hurricane Kitty pale ale, and Mother’s Milk dark stout. Keegan Ales is proud to be open six days a week (Closed on Mondays) and that there is (almost) never a cover and live music five nights a week. Simple, classic comfort food rules the day in the kitchen and of course beer rules at the bar. However, there is also a delightful selection of spirits and New York wines.

“Staying true to the plan, after years of production it was decided to open a pub and small eatery. It seemed simple enough…at first. The tasting room was immediately closed and every night, after finishing in the brewery, a saw or hammer was picked up.

“We didn’t know what we were doing. We’re brewers, not restauranteurs,” remembers Keegan. “So we just started hammering stuff together and cut off everything that didn’t look like a pub.” A full year later, a bar was unveiled to a crowd of expectant fans.”