Keobi Restaurant provides the Albany area with tasty African delicacies with an emphasis on great customer service, excellence, and superior dining. At Keobi Restaurant you can experience authentic Nigerian food. Keobi is the premiere restaurant offering African food in Albany.

They have a selection of quality food and premium drinks combined with a superior customer service experience – customer satisfaction is a paramount objective.

Selections From The Keobi Restaurant Menu:

  • Fresh Fish Pepper Soup – Served with choice of catfish or tilapia.
  • Special Beef Suya – Thinly sliced beef seasoned with spices and grilled to perfection. Served with choice of Keobi’s seasoning or traditional suya seasoning and onions.
  • Goat Meat Pepper Soup – Assorted goat meat, peppers and seasoning.
  • Nigerian Classic Salad – Fresh chopped lettuce and cabbage surrounded by tomato, pasta, eggs, cucumber, baked beans and sweet corn.
  • Bitter Leaf Soup – Cooked with bitter leaves, assorted meats, stock fish and smoked fish, and boiled mashed cocoyam.
  • Peanut Butter Soup – Authentic African recipe made with groundnuts a.k.a. peanuts (or peanut butter) with tomato paste and spices.
  • Ewa – Extremely soft or mashed black-eyed beans made with ground dried peppers, spices and other ingredients and a peppery tomato sauce.
  • Plaintain Porridge – Nutritious vegetable meal made with plantains simmered until tender in a flavorful broth along with assorted vegetables and fish, or meat.
  • Fish Stew – Fresh fish fillets cooked in a stew with tomato, onions, garlic, and parsley.
  • Veggie Yam Porridge – Cubed yams in palm oil, with capers, herbs and spices.
  • White Rice and Stew – A delicious tomato-based stew served over white parboiled rice with choice of chicken, beef, fish, goat meat or pork.
  • Jollof Rice – Tomato based rice mixed with onions served with a side of fried plantains, veggies and choice of chicken, beef, fish, goat meat or pork.
  • Oxtail- Traditional Jamaican oxtail dish cooked tender and browned and flavorfully stewed with gravy infused with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, all spice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and browning.

Keobi Restaurant delivers catering services throughout the Capital District of New York.