Melt Sandwich Shop has been a local favorite for fresh, made to order sandwiches and salads since 2009. They also serve incredible burgers, crispy chicken and real french fries in addition to their complete menu. Melt is a local restaurant open for lunch and dinner, serving amazing sandwiches, salads and bowls. along with vegetarian options and vegan options.

Selections From The Melt Sandwich Shop Menu:

  • Grilled chicken breast – Grilled marinated chicken breast ( chopped)
  • Turkey breast – Our turkey is prepared from whole turkey breasts, seasoned, cooked slowly and sliced.
  • Angus beef burgers – Our Angus burgers are seasoned and grilled to order.
  • Angus beef – Whole Angus beef shoulders braised in their own gravy slowly. Pulled similar to pulled pork.
  • Pastrami – Our pastrami is prepared with the traditional spices and thinly sliced.
  • Pulled pork – Our pulled pork is rubbed with traditional spices and slowly cooked until very tender.
  • Salmon – Our Salmon is marinated, sliced thin and grilled to order.

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