Momo Valley fashions Himalayan style dumplings called MoMo, a native & staple dish of Nepal, Tibet, & Bhutan.

The assortment of MoMo are made from locally-thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, followed by our family recipes for an authentic and unique taste, these protein packed, more than a bite size MoMo are served with signature homemade sauces.

Additional selections from the menu are all authentic Himalayan dishes prepared fresh from scratch with the secret ingredient called LOVE. The executive chefs are my lovely parents and I am the sous-chef, line/prep cook, their daughter. Momo Valley is very fortunate and pleased to share the love for food with you, our guest, bringing FARM to TABLE meals straight to your table. A few of our guest said ” Good-Food takes Time,” Truly.


Selections From The Momo Valley Menu:

  • VEGAN MoMo – Culinary grade organic Matcha infused dough filled with spinach, zucchini, red/white cabbage, carrots, Himalayan spices. Served with blend of herbs & spices, roasted sesame seeds-based Cool-Soupy-Sauce (Mild? Spicy?Ghost-spicy?)
  • VEGAN-Thukpa – Vegetables & Tomato based-broth, Buckwheat noodle soup, topped with sauteed mushrooms and greens *House-made Broth from scratch. Garnished with optional Scallion or Cilantro
  • Momo- Himalayan Dumplings – Protein-packed nore than bite size momos (6pcs) Grass-fed Beef, Pasture-raised Chicken, Pasture-raised Yak (healthier red meat), Spinach & Cheese Served with blend of fresh herb & spices & roasted ground sesame-based Cool-
  • Soupy-Sauce or Tomato Sacue Mild? Spicy? Ghost-spicy? Cilantro?
  • Dal Bhat – Everest Platter – Nepal’s national dish & Sherpa’s platter of choice en route to Mt.Everest. Dal(Lentil soup) Bhat(Steamed Rice) Masu(Himalayan style curried medium-spicy meat protein) Tarkari(Vegetable dish) Achar(fermented pickled daikon or carrots, tangy-probiotics) *Sauteed garlicky greens*Skillet String beans & Potatoes. Rotation: Organic bone-in chicken or natural boneless chicken or Himalayan style curried Beef or Halal curried goat. Black gram or red Lentil Soup
  • Crispy Cauliflower – Cauli florets marinated in mild earthy spices, chickpea flour and panko for the crisp. Served with raw homemade tangy tomato sauce