Moonburger is a classic drive-thru burger stop imagined for now — and made for everyone. It’s locally owned, independent, and created for the local communities. Delicious, premium food and a delightful experience, every time you visit.

All Moonburgers are made with Impossible meat, a plant based patty, together with real American cheese and all the other good stuff you expect. Truth is, we love the taste of beef — but we love our burgers even more. Why? Because the most exciting, most premium burger you can eat is made with a plant-based patty. Love beef? You’ll love our burgers (cuz we designed them for you). Beef’s not for you? You’ll love our burgers (cuz they’re not beef).

it’s this: come for the food, and come back for the food and the experience. Cuz Moonburger makes really good burgers — cooked to order — and fries and shakes. That’s all thanks to our amazing culinary team.