The Spotty Dog Books and Ale is an independent bookstore and lounge/cafe, where you can share your passion for books and writers with others in the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, and the Berkshires.

Once you get past the fact that The Spotty Dog is a bookstore that serves beer and wine, you’ll notice (or should notice) that they don’t just serve “beer”: The Spotty Dog Books and Ale has a terrific selection of hand-crafted ales from many known and lesser-known brewers. They tend to keep the selection local, as there are many wonderful brewers in the Northeast alone, but you will also find the occasional keg from Colorado or Seattle.

Situated in a beautiful old firehouse, The Spotty Dog Books & Ale carries over 10,000 new books in all categories, including a large section of unique books and toys for kids and preteens, an expanded local section, History, Gardening, Food & Wine, G/L/B/T, and sections featuring local writers and interests.