By Zeete, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

A Wedding At Historic Boscobel brings together a stunning Federal period house, a romantic tree-lined entryway, the brick paths through the elegant Rose Garden, the bucolic West Meadow and the magnificent Front Lawn with its majestic views, all provide an impressive and picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony or reception.

Your springtime wedding guests will stroll along the brick pathways with budding cherry, apple and dogwood trees. Peonies and tulips abound. Summer weddings will have a backdrop of lush green trees and the blooming of elegant roses. If you are planning a fall wedding, your guests will be treated to dazzling views of colorful fall foliage, for which the Hudson River Valley is famous.

On the Front Lawn, your guests will enjoy one of the most majestic views of the serene Hudson River Valley, celebrated by the great American landscape painters of the 19th century and preserved throughout the decades, in all their natural beauty, by environmental stewards of the region.

Boscobel’s gardens and grounds are also available for wedding photography by prior reservation.

The friendly, experienced, conscientious staff is committed to assisting you and your wedding planner in organizing every detail of wedding at historic Boscobel.