Bearsville Soap Company is a small business in the Catskill Mountains. The rugged landscape, fresh air, and hardworking people have all shaped the company’s ethos. They believe in craftsmanship and authenticity, which influences every aspect of their business, from product to business practices.

With a small-batch approach to soap-making, Bearsville Soap Company prioritizes artistry, care, and dedication over the bottom line. Unlike most commercial bars and washes, which are essentially made of detergent, their soap is traditionally crafted and naturally moisturizing. They take inspiration from the great outdoors, and their ingredients and scents reflect this.

At Bearsville Soap Company, they understand that nature is at the core of everything they create. They strive to minimize their environmental impact and are committed to sustainable business practices. They believe that we are all wild inside at the end of the day, and their soap reflects this belief.

Bearsville Soap Company Products

“Ingredient-wise, real is the whole deal. Meaning, if you can’t pick it, grow it, dig it or sow it, it’s probably not in our wheelhouse. Our most common ingredients include:”


Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Organic Palm Oil

Sunflower Oil
Natural Exfoliants
Essential Oils/Fragrance

Bourbon Sandalwood
Campfire Charcoal
Cedar Scrub
cedar scented exfoliating soap by Bearsville Soap Company
Cedar Scrub
Cedarwood & Citrus for men
Classic Sandalwood for men
Forest Fir
Fresh Citrus & Herbs for men
Orange & Spearmint for men
Peppermint & Herbs Shampoo Bar
Pine Tar & Balsam for men
Refreshing Citrus Ale
Smoke & Clove for men
Spearmint Eucalyptus
Spiced Charcoal for men
Vanilla & Sandalwood
Tobacco Blossom for men
Woodland Musk
The Big Bear Box
Citrus Grove 4-Pack
True Grit 4-Pack
Mint Condition 4-Pack for men
Lumberjack 4-Pack for men
Mountaineer 4-Pack
Outdoorsman 4-Pack for men
Bear Soap Lift

Bourbon Sandalwood Moisturizer
Classic Sandalwood Moisturizer for men
Tobacco Blossom Moisturizer
Woodland Musk Moisturizer for men
Bourbon Sandalwood Body Balm for men
Classic Sandalwood Body Balm for men
Tobacco Flower Body Balm
Woodland Musk Body Balm
Classic Sandalwood 4-Pack
Bourbon Sandalwood 4-Pack for men
Tobacco Blossom 4-Pack for men
Woodland Musk 4-Pack

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