Gourdaments started when Cameron, a music therapist by trade, looked upon her first garden-grown gourd and recalls hearing Mother Nature whisper, “Kitty Cat,” though she admits it may have been a creaky gate.

Before long Cleo the Gourd Cat hit the local craft scene. Cleo’s rotund body is adorned with swirling goldfish and a mischievous smile. Cameron attributes Cleo’s body mass index to her sedentary lifestyle. Rooster, the second design to join the Gourdaments collection, debuted at The Arts and Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center in 2003 and soon became a best seller in the Folk Art venue.

Cameron’s bedroom workshop in Circleville, NY, overflowed with orders for cats and roosters. Devon Cameron has upgraded her bedroom studio to a workshop beside her house (though she often prefers to paint in front of British murder mysteries on PBS). Her work has been showcased in many galleries including the Art Institute of Chicago and the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum Gift Shops.

Cameron is fascinated by the gourd art created in other cultures and countries. “Mother Nature has spread these wonderful creations of hers all over the world, enabling artists to present their unique cultures through gourd art. Art breaks down superficial barriers between nations and unites the creative human spirit in all of us. So, through Mother Nature’s first, simple utterance of ‘kitty cat,’ I have discovered her more enduring message: ‘peace through art.'”

Gourd Art From Gourdaments

Kitty Cat Gourd Birdhouse provides a special welcome to the birds in your neighborhood. Two cats waiting for that special Wren to move in! These birdhouses stand between 11-13″ tall (gourds may vary slightly in shape and size). There is a 1.5″ opening for birds to enter. The diameter around the largest part of the gourd will vary between 6-8″ round. Each gourd has several drainage/ ventilation holes in the bottom. Each gourd gets three coats of a marine varnish for outdoor protection. A leather strap for hanging is included

Barnyard Gourds– Includes 3 gourd ornaments measuring 2-3″tall. You get a cow, pig, and rooster- all ready to hang on your tree! These little egg sized gourd ornaments are ready to ship, they are 100 % handmade – one of a kind – strong and durable – Ready to go! The pictured items are the actual pieces you would receive. Comes varnished, with screw eye, hemp cord, built to last forever.

Calico Cat Gourd Ornament is waiting for that special someone to hang out with! This listing is for one Calico Cat egg gourd ornament. Egg Gourdaments are made from dried nest egg gourds as they strongly resemble a goose or hen egg in both shape and size. These oblong gourds were used to place in the nest to trick hens, poor girls! The gourds will vary in shape and size. Some gourds measure 2.5” tall (like the little owls) and other measure as large as 4” (the rooster’s comb usually add a little less than an inch to the length). Each egg gourd comes with a triple coat of varnish and a hemp cord for hanging.