The goal of Stonegate Australian Labradoodles is to produce the best Labradoodle puppies for families. Whether for companionship, service work or more.

Stonegate raises Labradoodles with the best of care, food, vet care, and most of all, love. The dogs are family members first. They do OFA clearances on their eyes, heart, hips, elbows and/or patellas. They also do DNA tests on the parents for all genetic problems associated with their breeds.

Puppies are rais4d with Puppy Culture and ENS which raises puppies with stable temperaments and personalities, which makes them great family members. Stonegate Australian Labradoodles also start on housebreaking them early by introducing them to litter pans when they start opening their eyes. They also are taught simple commands when old enough which they pick up very quickly.

Reasons To Get A Stonegate Australian Labradoodles Puppy:

Do OFA/Pennhip On Parents
Do DNA Genetic Testing
Develop A Puppy Curriculum
Keep Breeding Dogs Inside A Home
Raise Puppies Indoors In A Home
Retire Moms By Age 5
Feed Top Quality Food
Give Age Appropriate Vaccines
Microchip Puppies
Require Puppy To Be Fixed
Will Take Back Any Time
Provide Lifetime Support