The Sleeping Giant Ice Cream Company proudly serves the best tasting Hand Crafted and All Natural soft serve ice cream in more than forty scrumptious flavors!

Sugar cone, Waffle cone, Wafer cone, in a bowl, as a Sundae or Shake! Now kick in any of speciality toppings, “add ins” or candy and you’ve got a treat that memories are made of!

“We are family owned with a proud business history in the Rondout Valley. Our roots in the ice cream business date to the earliest parts of the twentieth century. Our family history in the Hudson Valley dates to 1659 and the Second Esopus War. Our love of the mountain is timeless…”

Sleeping Giant Ice Cream

Gillette Creamery’s own line of all natural ice cream mix. Available in Vanilla & Chocolate. Gillette Creamery believes that their mix is ice cream “The Way It Was Meant To Be.”

All flavors are:
Fat free
No sugar added
No cholesterol
Low calorie
& finger licking delicious!


Amaretto Peanut Butter
Banana Pina Colada
Blackberry Pineapple
Black Cherry Pistachio Nut
Black Raspberry Strawberry
Blueberry Watermelon
Butter Pecan
Cotton Candy
Creme de Menthe
Expresso Coffee
German Chocolate
Maple Nut


  • ALMOND JOY – Yummy Coconut Ice Cream with shredded coconut, almonds and chocolate flakes!
  • APPLE PIE – Chunks of apples infused with fall spices and loaded with crunchy graham cracker swirls through out!
  • BANANA OREO COOKIE – Delicious Banana Ice Cream with Oreo cookies through out!
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE – Thick rich cake batter ice cream with real cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles!
  • BLACK RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE CHIP – Homemade Black Raspberry Ice Cream loaded with soft Dark Chocolate chunks!
  • BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE – Cheesecake Ice Cream swirled with REAL Blueberry variegate, loads of cheesecake pieces and graham crackers swirled through out!
  • BRAZILIAN COFFEE – Robust Brazilian coffee infused into our homemade ice cream to create a coffee lovers fantasy!
  • BUTTER PECAN – Rich buttery flavored ice cream with loads of pecan pieces!
  • CARAMEL SEA SALT – Caramel Ice Cream with swirls of salty caramel!
  • CHERRY CHOCOLATE CHUNK – Vanilla Ice Cream with Black Cherries and soft chocolate pieces through out!
  • CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH – Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Cookie Dough chunks and Chocolate chunks!
  • CHOCOLATE – A rich Dutch chocolate is used to make our creamy smooth chocolate ice cream!
  • COFFEE COOKIE CRUNCH – Strong coffee flavored ice cream swirled with crème coolies and soft chunks of chocolate through out!
  • COOKIE MONSTER – BLUE vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough!
  • COOKIES & CREAM – Chunks of cookies added to our cookie and cream ice cream!
  • CREAMSICLE – Orange and our Vanilla ice cream are married to this great classic!
  • DEATH BY CHOCOLATE – Homemade Rich Chocolate, Homemade Brownies, soft Dark Chocolate Chunks, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate cake crunch, Homemade Fudge swirl!
  • FRUITY CEREAL – Tastes just like you remember as a kid!
  • GRAND “SLAM” CRACKER – Graham cracker ice cream, graham cracker swirl, chocolate Rohan candies!
  • KEY LIME PIE – Refreshing key lime pie with crunchy graham cracker swirl!
  • MINT CHIP – Mint ice cream loaded with dark chocolate chips through out!
  • MINT COOKIE SURPRISE – Mint Ice Cream swirled with Oreo Cookies, chopped mint candies and crunchy fudge swirl!
  • NUTELLA – Homemade Nutella Base Ice Cream with Nutella swirl. A Rich Chocolate / Hazelnut flavor better than the real thing!
  • PB CRAZE W/ REESE’S PIECES – PB Ice Cream, mini PB cups, Reese’s Pieces candy and PB swirl!
  • PISTACHIO – That’s Nuts!!! Pistachio Ice Cream loaded with real pistachio nuts!
  • PUMPKIN PIE – The delicate combination of pumpkin with just the right blend of spices with crunchy graham cracker swirl creates the perfect taste!
  • STRAWBERRY – Sun ripened strawberries are puréed toSTRAWBERRY make and intense strawberry Ice Cream!
  • STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE W/ GRAHAM CRACKER – Cheesecake Ice Cream swirled with Strawberry variegate, cheesecake pieces & graham cracker swirl through out!
  • TAHITIAN VANILLA – Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream jumps out at you with a strong floral vanilla flavor and vanishes slowly leaving you with a very clean palate! The Best!
  • TRASH CAN – Vanilla ice cream, cookie dough pieces, homemade brownies, Heath Bars, M&M’s, caramel and homemade fudge swirl!
  • TRIPLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE – Rich chocolate ice cream with loads of brownie pieces and fudge swirled through out!
  • WHOLE LOTTA DOUGH – Rich caramel ice cream with a whole lotta dough, brownie dough through out & chocolate cookie crunch fudge swirl!

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