Boice Bros. Ice Cream is a Hudson Valley family owned and operated business that makes and sells farm fresh ice cream since 1914. They offer a wide variety of creamy, flavorful ice cream, including hard ice cream, soft serve, sundaes, banana splits, ice cream sandwiches, cones, milk shakes, parfaits, floats, hurricanes, and sodas. We also offer ice cream cakes, and hard ice cream pints and quarts for purchase.

They sell stock ice cream cakes, ice cream pies (cow pies), ice cream sandwiches and create specialty cakes made to order. Fillings available: strawberry, marshmallow, Butterfinger, pineapple, brownies, cookie dough, wet walnuts, peanut butter, Nestle Crunch, Kit Kat, black cherry, peanut butter cups, rainbow sprinkles, Oreos, Reeses Pieces, caramel, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, peanuts, gummy bears, toasted coconut. All vanilla, all chocolate and all twist ice cream cakes are available at additional charge. Specialty cakes require 48 hour advance notice.

In 2014 Boice Bros. Ice Cream hosted its official 100th Anniversary Party by inviting the entire community to help create the longest ice cream sundae in the world. Over 5,000 people descended upon Kingstons’ Rondout promenade to enjoy entertainment, help make the sundae, watch and eat! When completed the ice cream sundae was 1,666 feet long!