Boozy Moo! is a line of hand-crafted, small-batch ice creams and sorbets, all of which are infused with alcohol as a distinctive flavoring that is boozy and delicious and made weekly in house with premium alcohol.

The premium hand-made alcohol-infused ice cream is the perfect compliment to any celebration or event. Have a favorite cocktail or want something special? Boozy Moo! will gladly work with you to craft a truly unique and memorable ice cream flavor for your special occasion or event.

Leyla Kiosse is a creative powerhouse who when the pandemic shuttered doors for everyone, Leyla took the booze off the shelves of her pub and experimented with booze-infused ice cream. Like a mad scientist, the result was brilliant!

Featured Ice Cream Products From Boozy Moo!

Whiskey, Netflix & Chill
Sweet and salty, with walnut toffee whiskey from Cask & Crew. GF

This Sh*T Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Roasted banana, chocolate chunk, Hennessy and Cr?me de Banane liqueur. GF

Peanut Butter Love
Peanut butter ice cream with Screwball peanut butter whiskey.

Loaded Cookie Monster
Cookies & cream ice cream, with Irish cream liqueur, vodka, and Oreo cookie chunk.

Kentucky Butter Pecan
Butter pecan, brown butter candied pecans, and bourbon. GF

Dublin Double Chocolate
Chocolate, chocolate chunk, Guinness Stout & Jameson whiskey.

Twisted Peppermint
Candy cane ice cream, with peppermint Schnapps and vodka

“Cawfee Tahwk”
Inspired by the SNL skit! Coffee ice cream & Awakened Spirit (f/k/a Death Wish) Vodka. GF

Blueberry Hill
Blueberry, lavender and vodka sorbet. GF, V

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