Debra Acevedo is an autodidact artist, born and raised in NYC. Always a crafty person, and a bit of a risk taker, it was in 2001 that Debra began painting murals for the first time in her Manhattan residence.

Debra began by painting PBS characters for her daughter’s nursery, soon after, there was a mural of bricks in the kitchen, vines in the hallway, it was a newly discovered talent gone wild! Murals in every room,’ It was as if I set my imagination free, and handed it color to record its journey. In 2003, it was during her battle with IBC, that she first began painting on canvas using acrylic as her medium. Painting helped to ease the pain, stress, and anxieties associated with battling cancer.

Debra Acevedo describes the feeling of sharing her art as a bit vulnerable at first, but overall liberating. These pieces of art some shared with very few, others never have been seen at all, were held personal and kept private for over a decade. Once shared with Debra’s family and friends, they received a warm welcome, and great reviews.

I am a Hudson Valley based visual artist, born and raised in NY. Inspiration from views of the beautiful Hudson Valley and the architecture in NYC are speckled throughout my private works. My specialties are custom murals, custom decorative paintings on almost any type of canvas, furniture makeovers, and redecorating.