S&S Brewery is located in beautiful upstate New York on a small family farm that has been owned and operated by the Sanford family since the 1800s.

Over the years, the farm has evolved from a multi-faceted production farm to a dairy, and now, to a farm brewery. Having been home brewers for a while, this seemed like the perfect way to combine their passion for craft beers and the growing need to put their resting fields back into crop production. Currently, the former milk house is where all beer is being brewed.

Selections From The S&S Farm Brewery Beer Menu:

Hayfield Blonde
ABV 4.3%
Light and crisp with a hearty dose of Centennial, Cascade and Willamette hops grown both on our farm and by other New York growers. A perfect beer to sit back and enjoy the view with on a warm, sunny day.

Bale Kicker Porter
ABV: 5.3%
A porter brewed with a variety of five specialty malts including chocolate, caramel and black patent giving it it’s rich and warm flavors. Finished with Cascade and Willamette hops grown both in our hopyard and New York State.

Old 82
ABV: 5.4%
A golden ale with mild, sweet maltiness. A recipe modeled after beer brewed pre-Prohibition. This beer highlights a feral hop we named “Rojer,” a hop variety found growing in Sharon Springs, New York which has been growing there for nearly a century. This hop now grows in our hopyard. A truly local farm brew, Old 82 also shares its name with our combine used to harvest our first field of barley.

Rhode Island Red
ABV 5.0%
Modeled after a traditional Irish Red, a finely malted ale with an additional touch of Roasted Barley to give the beer its reddish hue. It’s a tad sweet with a lightly hopped tea like flavor and a crisp, clean finish.

Back Road IPA
ABV: 4.5%
A deliciously hoppy session IPA with a variety of hops including Citra, Amarillo, Chinook & Cascade.

School of Hops
A pale ale highlighting a single specialty hop grown in our hopyard.

Back in Black IPA
ABV: 5.3%
A beer with an identity crisis. Is it a porter or an IPA? Brewed with NYS Convergence Craft Local Malt and roasted barley. Ample amounts of S&S Brewery Chinook and Kinderhook Creek Centennial Hops and a gorgeous frothy head to boot.

D’Uncle Richie
ABV: 5.0%
Dunkle style ale with smooth, malty flavor. Munich and Chocolate malts give it its dark color and smokiness.

Farm Girl Braai Pale Ale
This beer was a farm girl creation brewed with upstate CTZ hops and a light, delicate dose of South African hops. This combination creates a wonderful summertime pale ale with subtle berry notes that is worthy of celebrating. ( the word ‘braai’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘celebration’).

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