Healthy On Lark is a vegetarian restaurant serving local, organic, farm to table food and vegan and gluten-free options. There is also a selection of fresh juices, smoothies, deserts, a wide selection of teas & infusions with catering and online ordering.

We source local vegetables, mostly organic or low spray directly from regional farms and products from producers in the Capital Region.

The founder, Sharon Lastique, is a long time vegetarian and is committed to sustainable practices including composting. We offer fresh pressed juices made to order, vegan smoothies using real fruit and nut based milks, and a wide selection of organic teas by the cup or available to purchase in bulk.

Serving Albany and the Capital region.


Selections From The Healthy On Lark Menu:

  • NATURE’S PATH GLUTEN FREE WAFFLES – served with fresh fruit sauce
  • GREEK OMELETTE – Two organic local eggs spinach on and feta Served with buttered whole wheat or Rye toast
  • BREAKFAST BURRITO- VEGAN OR DAIRY – Choice of egg and cheddar cheese with yams spinach mushroom & onion or vegan sausage (seitan & soy) and Daiya vegan cheese.
  • CHICKPEA BURGER – Artisan chickpea, zucchini, carrot patty served with spinach choice of goat cheese or vegan cheese
  • VEGAN BLT – Homemade marinated tempeh, on bread of choice, lettuce & tomato
  • BLACK BEAN & RICE BOWL – Rice & Black Beans, spinach, or mixed vegetables of the day, salsa, choice of cheese
  • SUNSET ON LARK JUICE BLEND – Purple Cabbage, Carrot, Apple, Ginger -Immunity boosting,calms stomach
  • GREEN ZINGER JUICE BLENDER – Kale, Cucumber, Fennel, Ginger, Energizing- Vitamin C, quercitin, potassium
  • PURPLE DIVA JUICE BLEND – Beets, Radish, Apple, Cucumber- Anti-Inflammatory- Kidney, liver & digestive cleansing, iron, potassium
  • FUNKY MONKEY SMOOTHIE – Banana, Coconut milk, Peanut Butter
  • LARK BUZZ SMOOTHIE – Organic Coffee, Almond milk, banana, cinnamon, raw cacao
  • GREEN PINA SMOOTHIE – Pineapple, cucumber, coconut milk, coconut water, ice
  • PEP UP SMOOTHIE – Callaloo, Banana, Pineapple, Almond Milk