Collar City Cold Pressed cleanses are based on the age old philosophy of eating ALL your veggies and fruits, and celebrates the virtues of a colorful variety of foods. Each juice is rich with different phytonutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals.

Drinking a rainbow of juice helps make sure you are covering all your nutritional bases. Best of all, Collar City cleanses are loaded with local and organic produce (when available) AND are not heated or treated in any way. Raw juice is much richer in micro nutrients, enzymes, and minerals than juice you can purchase in a store or on a shelf.

Collar City Cold Pressed juice is always raw. It is never ever heated, treated, or pasteurized in any way. When we say our juice is fresh… was made within 24 hours of being sold. If juice is being sold on a shelf on a store, it’s not fresh!

“Our production is responsible. ALL of our juice pulp becomes animal food, fertilizer, or is composted. ALL. Because it is food, and we don’t waste food.”

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