Laughing Gut Kombucha keeps it raw and organic with high quality whole leaf teas and no tea bags. Their kombucha is flavored only with herbs and spices; absolutely no added fruit juices or artificial sweeteners are used.

Laughing Gut uses different base teas (green, black, oolong, pu-erh) in all stages of the brewing process, and incorporate unique tea varieties in each brew: White Peony, Wild Thai Black, Kukicha Green, Jade Cloud, Bao Zhong. The true character of Kombucha shines – ensuring that the flavorings don’t overwhelm the authentic taste.

The Kombucha taproom holds the distinction of being the first of its kind in Poughkeepsie, the first in Dutchess County, and the first in the Mid-Hudson Valley Region.

Laughing Gut Kombucha Flavors

Rooibos Ginger
Star Anise & Orange Zest
Chamomile & Mint
Green Tea
Butterfly Pea Flower & Rosemary
Wild Thai | Black Tea
Kanchanjangha Noir | Black Tea
Bao Zhong | Oolong Tea
Rooibos | Herbal Tea
Jade Cloud | Green Tea
Chamomile | Herbal Tea
Kukicha | Green Tea
Masala Chai
White Peony | White Tea