The Freestyle Frolic is a volunteer run cooperative dance event in a relaxed smoke free, alcohol free, and drug free environment. The indoor and outdoor dance events are open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

The dance has been created and sustained by a community of dance and movement enthusiasts. This diverse group is united by a love of movement, and has been inspired to provide the dance as safe and nurturing atmosphere for creative expression. No particular dance steps or styles are advocated and all respectful forms of movement are honored.

The Freestyle Frolic takes pride in playing a broad range of music, within which everyone is bound to find songs that they like and hate, and hopefully expand their musical horizons all the while. The music spans alternative, eclectic, experimental and more mainstream genres, and is provided by volunteer DJs from the community. To ensure the diversity of the music and the audio fidelity of the materials, a Music Committee has established guidelines.

All ages are welcome. The median ages are 20’s-40’s, but there can be older folks,
flocks of teens, children. People even bring their babies. Freestyle Frolic maintains a safe space for parents to bring their kids. Their indoor space has a “play space” room.