The Homestead School is a Montessori School located in Glen Spey, NY, offering children ages 2.5 years to 14 years (Pre-K through 8th grade) a unique, life-enriching, humanitarian, and outdoor-oriented educational experience.

The School was founded in 1978 by Pete and Marsha Comstock on the family’s 125-year-old homestead. The school recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The Homestead School is situated on 85 acres with endless opportunities to explore the fields, forests, ponds, and streams throughout all seasons.

Our mission is to nurture self-motivated students whose love of learning will carry through into a lifetime of responsible and constructive contributions to the well-being of their fellow humans and the Earth.


The Homestead School Programs

Early Childhood (PreK & K)
Our Early Childhood program provides children ages 2.5 to 6 years old with a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment to develop concentration, focus, and self-discipline. Here we plant the seeds of literacy, numeracy, self-care as well as care for others and the environment.

Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3)
In Lower Elementary, our first to third graders develop their sense of fairness, justice, and exploration. Because of our three-year continuum, each student reveals their fullest potential at their own speed as we explore the universe, the dawn of time, and one’s own role in “cosmic age” together.

Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6)
In Upper Elementary, we increasingly dive deeper into our integrated curriculum as we learn about the story of humans, human culture, and human history. We continue to grow as individuals and as a community through services to others. In sixth grade, we start our exciting new 3-year Permaculture curriculum.

Middle School (Grades 7-8)
Our Middle School students thrive in a bully-free, self-esteem boosting environment that prepares them for life as they transition from a teenager into adulthood by successfully running micro-businesses and other project-based work, continuing our Permaculture studies, and humanitarian work.

The School At A Glance

Academics & Education

  • Holistic and whole-child centered Montessori education for more than 40 years
  • Stellar education based on a state-of-the-art, ever-evolving curriculum
  • Arts, music, fiber arts, and foreign languages are offered to every student
  • Safe, encouraging, student-driven learning environmentOur Campus

Our Campus

  • 85 acres with endless opportunities to explore the fields, forests, ponds, and streams throughout all seasons
  • Working farm with huge organic gardens as well as chickens, goats, sheep, and other farm animals
  • Biodome featuring a tropical habitat as well as all-year-round produce
  • Sustainable campus with solar panels, water harvesting, and a student designed geodesic dome that serves as an ongoing experimental, green architecture learning lab