Hudson Highlands Land Trust is a community-based, nonprofit land conservation organization that protects and preserves the natural resources and scenic beauty of the Hudson Highlands region of New York State, where the Appalachian Mountains cross the Hudson River.

The Hudson Highlands remains forever a place of undiminished natural abundance, scenic beauty and historical significance–shared and protected by engaged communities for the benefit of all.

The core mission area of HHLT includes critical watersheds, scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, parklands, and farmlands that lie within the towns of Putnam Valley, Philipstown, Cornwall and Highlands.


Hudson Highlands Land Trust Programs:

We have been protecting the spectacular landscapes that make the Hudson Highlands special for nearly 30 years. To date, we have conserved 2,866 acres of critical habitat, natural landscapes, and unsurpassed scenic resources. We have partnered with private landowners to complete 89 conservation easements protecting their properties, and we have worked with our regional conservation partners, local municipalities and New York State to protect thousands of additional acres in our mission area.

In addition to our land conservation and municipal planning work, we offer programming to help our community members better understand the issues related to natural resources protection, land conservation and stewardship. We host a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year for residents and visitors to learn about and celebrate our region.

The New York Highlands Network supports the vital work of protecting the wildlife you care about across the New York Highlands region, pictured below. By bringing together the top conservation organizations, as well as neighbors and landowners, and creating green corridors, the Network amplifies successes in this race against time.

Granite Mountain Preserve
In 2017, we acquired three land parcels on Granite Mountain in Putnam Valley to permanently conserve 358 acres, creating a new Preserve that protects vital wildlife habitat and drinking water, while serving as a recreational resource for the community. In late 2018, we announced the expansion of the Preserve to 400 acres with the addition of an adjacent parcel. We are also working with Putnam County on a management agreement for their adjoining land, which will bring the Preserve to more than 500 acres in total.