Paws Unlimited has pledged to provide every comfort a senior dog needs, but most of all they will receive the love, care and respect they deserve.

Every pet in our care receives good quality nutrition, daily exercise and needed medical care.

When it’s time to let our friends go, we will be the ones holding them near as they take their last breathe.
When we look into the eyes of an old pet we wonder about their past life and question why someone would discard someone who loved them so much.

It is our mission for every pet in our care to live out their life knowing they were loved and valued​.

Our mission…our purpose…our hearts, to continue to provide a safe haven for homeless, neglected and abandoned senior dogs. So many are discarded when they become an inconvenience because they can’t see, had an accident on the floor or need extra care. Some are brought to us when an elder family member goes into a nursing home or passes away.

Can you imagine throwing away a loving companion who devoted 12 or more years of their lives to you?

We are here over a dozen years with a shelter built on love, sweat, tears and donations. Through the difficult times, with your help, we have and will continue to provide a loving space for the “Elder Dogs”.

We are a not-for-profit 501c3 and your donations are tax deductible.

Board a Pet-Save a Life

​Paws Unlimited Is A Tranquil, Ten-Acre Facility for Dogs In The Greater New York Region. Located in the Hudson Valley. This Kingston, New York facility offers pets a safe, spotless and comfortable space, staffed by caring professionals. Natural, country setting embraces sustainable buildings that are kind to the earth while boarding your pets. .This unique “Board A Pet – Save A Life” boarding facility funds our Paws Unlimited 501c3 animal rescue program.