The Queens Galley is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization providing awareness, education, relief and prevention of food insecurity in Kingston, Ulster County, and the Hudson Valley. They create, implement, and support programs dedicated to the affordable nutritional education of children, families, and seniors.

The Queens Galley operates a soup kitchen open to the public at 254 Washington Ave Kingston NY. The Queens Galley soup kitchen serves 3 meals a day each and every day. They also provide hands-on workshops that teach families how to prepare economical, tasteful and healthy meals together. They show people who are on restricted diets how to incorporate new culinary skills and flavors into their food preparation repertoire and encourage everyone to take some time to experiment with healthy food choices. Rather than give food to people we show them what to do to make the food they have get the biggest nutritional and flavor impact for their dollar.