Churchtown Dairy is located on 250 acres in Claverack, NY. The dairy manages a 28 cow biodynamic dairy herd, with an equal number of beef cattle.

At Churchtown Dairy we strive to create high-quality ethically-produced cheeses reflecting the quality and strength of our Hudson Valley Biodynamic milk. Working with our herd of primarily Brown Swiss cows, we craft cheeses within a sustainable and Biodynamic framework that respects both the beauty and health of the living agricultural landscape and the animals and humans within it.

Cheese is a medium through which the milk can express itself, particularly when raw milk, with its inherent microbial populations, is utilized. Everyday we work with the milk to identify its strengths and weaknesses, what styles it is well suited for, and work with the farm team to optimize handling and treatment of the milk to maximize quality for cheese production, in order to produce cheeses that are both delicious and an expression of our unique terroir and herd.

Located on 250 acres in Claverack, NY, the Churchtown Dairy manages a 28-cow Biodynamic dairy herd, with about an equal number of young stock and beef cattle. cows eat a primarily grass-fed diet and are given a life as in tune as possible with their natural rhythm. Calves are kept with their mothers and run with the herd, causing a slight decrease in milk production but also reducing stress on both the mother and the calf and thereby contributing to the harmony of the herd.

Working with the rhythms of the land, the sun, and the farmers, we work to create a farm that is both beautiful and healthy for the land, the animals, the farmers, the water, and our surrounding community.

Churchtown Dairy Cheese Selection:

Fresh Cheese
A soft, creamy lactic cheese, similar to a farmer’s cheese or a fluffier cream cheese. Bright, milky flavors with a bit of tanginess. Perfect on a bagel or dolloped onto pasta.

The Peggy is our cave-aged Camembert-style cheese, a soft-ripened, white-molded ¾ Lb wheel that starts out buttery and mild, with an even texture, becoming soft and gooey as it ages, developing mushroomy, brothy and nutty notes as it progresses. Enjoy a wedge on a piece of good bread or with a dollop of your favorite preserves.

The Coperthwaite starts as a Peggy but gets washed in a special blend of cultures for a more aromatic and meatier version with an orange-red glow on the rind. Named for Bill Coperthwaite, a pioneer of yurt building in America and author of “A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity”. Goes well with a hard cider or melted over potatoes.

Our semi-hard Tomme is firm, buttery and a little funky with savory and nutty notes. This cheese ages in our caves, developing a unique flavor profile and rind. Serve it on a cheese board, melted in a grilled cheese sandwich or mixed into your favorite mac n’ cheese recipe.