Pine View Farm is a fully maintained farm in a nice farm setting with ample grassed parking areas. Customers enter by the sales pavilion where you are provided with a saw and a tree cart, if desired. Currently, you have five fields to choose from, all of which are inter-connected by woodland trails. All of the fields contain mixed species of varying heights up to about ten feet. You can take as much time as you like enjoying the scenery, cutting your tree and returning to the sales pavilion.

Pine View Farm was so named when the Steidle family purchased the farm in 1908. The farm consists of rolling fields, wetlands and wooded areas separated by stone walls. The farm includes a historic house and barn that were constructed around 1870. The adjoining farmland also contains historic homes of distinction.

Approximately 10,000 Christmas trees are planted on the farm and adjoining leased property. Species grown include: Balsam fir, Canaan fir, Concolor fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Blue spruce, Meyer spruce, White spruce and White pine.