Primrose Hill Farm is an historic choose and cut tree farm owned continuously by the Cookingham and Schoch families for eight generations.

Primrose Hill Farm is one of the few remaining farms in Dutchess County which has remained in the same family for well over one hundred years. The farm was operated as a general family farm with cows, chickens, horses, pigs and an orchard by Harlow C. Cookingham until 1957. The first Christmas trees were planted in 1962.

The barn is an authentic Dutch bank barn built in the 1700’s with three floors. The structure is made of handhewn oak beams.

Types of Christmas trees and more at Primrose Hill Farm:

White Spruce
Meyer Spruce
Norway Spruce
Douglas Fir
Concolor Fir
Scotch Pine
White Pine

Christmas Shop:
Tree Stands
Tree Accessories

Wreath Shop:
Hot Chocolate